Silica Sol for Concrete

Silica Sol, Concrete, Cement

Silica Sol for Concrete Detalles

Silica Sol for Concrete

Silica Sol, Concrete, Cement

Silica sol is a dispersion of nano-sized silica particles in water or a solvent. Since SiO2 in silica sol contains a large amount of water and hydroxyl groups, silica sol can also be expressed as mSiO2.nH2O.

Strong penetrating ability, fine colloidal particles, very good dispersion and permeability when mixed with other substances.
Adhesive performance is good, when the silica sol water evaporates, the colloidal particles are firmly attached to the surface of the object, and silicon-oxygen bonds are formed between the particles, which is a good adhesive.

Application and Performance Benefits
Silica sol can transport pure silica to the capillary pores of concrete, which is in the form of nanoparticles and has a size that can penetrate the capillary pores of concrete.  Silica particles have a higher hydration reactivity than silicates.

Nano-silica sol can accelerate cement hydration. While providing nucleation sites for CSH gel, an important product of cement hydration, it can also react with another hydration product, calcium hydroxide, to generate more C-S-H gel.

Nano-silica sol can provide early strength for cement stone or concrete, and can also act as a filling to refine the gap and pore structure of cement stone, thereby improving the resistance of cement stone or concrete to chloride ion erosion, reducing permeability, etc.

It can significantly improve the early and final flexural strength and compressive strength of concrete. 

Silica Sol, Concrete, Cement

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