Lubricante tiotrópico de silicato de magnesio y aluminio

Lubricante tiotrópico de silicato de magnesio y aluminio Detalles

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate Thixotropic Lubricant


Magnesium aluminum silicate, thixotropic lubricant, inorganic gel, magnesium aluminium silicate, magnesium aluminosilicate, mortar lubricant

an environmentally friendly inorganic powder product with high whiteness, brightness and chroma

Molecular formula: MgAl2 (SiO3) 4
pH value: 7.5~9.5
CAS Number: 71205-22-6
Molecular formula: Al2MgO8Si2

Magnesium-aluminum silicate thixotropic lubricant for mortar is a kind of pure natural or organically modified two-dimensional nano mineral obtained by high-tech fine processing of soapstone minerals with unique colloidal properties and unique and proprietary processing technology. Gel material, its unique di-octahedron and tri-octahedron mixed structure and modification technology, as well as the resulting multiple characteristics, make it a powdery rheological additive for various mortar systems. It is used in various mortars (including various mortars). Class special mortar, plastering mortar, machine-blasted mortar, diatom mud, etc.) have excellent use effects.

Performance advantage
The characteristics of high-shear, low-viscosity, low-shear and high-viscosity, thixotropy index ≥5-8, can extremely improve the thixotropy and rheology of the system. This product disperses when it meets water in various mortars, and can quickly hydrate to form an associative network structure. When the mortar is standing still, it can effectively increase the basic viscosity of the mortar system and form a yield value with anti-sagging effect. In various mortars added with this product, when the yield value is formed, the stability and sag resistance of the mortar can be improved, and it can overcome the bleeding during storage of the mortar and the sag or agglomeration of the mortar during construction. Construction of thick mortar without sagging or slippage. When mixing, pumping, mortar scraping construction or machine spraying construction, applying a small amount of shear energy can overcome the yield value and quickly reduce the relative viscosity of the system, thereby giving various mortars good thixotropy. This product can increase the efficiency of mortar construction by 1 to 2 times and reduce the overall cost.
In all kinds of mortars, the natural dioctahedron and trioctahedral mixed nano-sheet crystal form can be perfectly dispersed when it meets water in various mortars, and it can be peeled off into countless single microchips with natural slip properties in the mortar system. , And orderly embedded in the mortar between the particles of cement, sand or vitrified microbeads, lightweight aggregates, polystyrene particles and other materials used in the mortar to block the direct contact between the particles and effectively reduce the frictional resistance between these particles. The overall mortar forms a slipping effect, thereby giving the mortar excellent lubricity.
The excellent thixotropy and lubricity can effectively improve and improve the workability of the mortar system, so that the mortar added with this product has good workability, roundness and fullness, smooth and easy to scratch, smooth and smooth, which can greatly improve the mortar, grouting, and grouting The workability and pumping and spraying performance of materials such as chemicals can reduce the wear of materials on equipment and pipelines, extend the service life of equipment and pipelines, and improve the comprehensive economic benefits of users.
After working with cellulose, it can produce excellent synergistic effect, so that the mortar system has better water retention performance and batch scraping or machine spray construction performance, and can appropriately reduce cellulose in various mortars according to the user's specific formula and temperature. The dosage, optimize the formula, balance or reduce the overall cost.
The pure natural inorganic mineral gel has the characteristics of not participating in the chemical reaction of the system, not producing mildew, etc., and can maintain high stability for long-term use.

Lubricante tiotrópico de silicato de magnesio y aluminio

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